Fan Stanbrough Senior Web/Graphic Designer Business Owner
Fan Stanbrough
Senior Web/Graphic Designer
Business Owner

Fan Stanbrough is a professional web designer with over 15 years experience as a graphic designer and marketer. Fan is also an instructor and trainer in web design topics in the local community education programs of Newton, Wellesley, Framingham and Marlborough. 

After obtaining her degree in Architectural Design, Fan began her career at the multinational Japanese company INAX in China where she was trained by top Japanese and Italian graphic designers. Later she started her own design firm called “TOPS” and ran it for 4 years until she came to Boston. Fan brought her business experiences to the US and practiced it in her first job in the US at a big online marketing company in Boston – DirectoryM (now nSphere).

In 2009 she re-branded her design firm BBDS Design. Fan has continued working in the design and marketing field. Fan is a confident, ambitious, and hard-working business woman, as well as being an organized, independent problem-solver.

In addition to being fascinated by changes in technology, Fan is passionate about art. Fan has admired Japanese art since her early days as a ceramics designer at the Japanese company. This enthusiasm has been growing. She follows the precepts and philosophy of the Japanese wabi-sabi style. It strongly influenced her paintings and Chinese calligraphy. View her work on

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 Michael<br /> Programmer/SEO expert <br /> Co-founder
Programmer/SEO expert

Michael is in charge of all programming and SEO work. He is a very low-profile MIT PHD who has followed the evolution of web technologies over the years. His years in the academic world trained him to pay great attention to detail and made him a perfectionist.

If we had only 3 words to describe Michael, then he is passionate, talented, humorous with a tremendous amount of broad knowledge.

Michael is curious about basically everything. He is a passionate photographer.

Alan Rosenspan
Alan Rosenspan
Direct Marketer

Alan is a content contributor to BBDS Design in his area of expertise, direct marketing.

Alan developed the Creative Strategy course for the Direct Marketing Association, and was a direct marketing instructor at Bentley College for 11 years. He has also taught classes at Babson University, and at the Ad Club. Alan has written over 100 articles for direct marketing publications around the world. He has been a regular speaker and seminar leader at conferences and symposiums across the U.S., as well as Australia, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Finland, France, Holland, Italy, Iceland, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, South Africa, Switzerland, the UK and the Ukraine. Alan was voted the 1997 “Direct Marketer of the Year” in New England.


Casey is a creative and professional videographer and editor, in charge of producing high-quality marketing videos for our clients.

Casey is a Boston based video producer and sound recordist with the experience and equipment required for nearly all forms of web-based media production. Since completing the digital filmmaking program at the Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts in 2011, Casey has worked primarily on corporate and event videography. He also has experience as both DP and location sound recordist for independent film and new media productions, such as the award winning web-series “Holding”.