One-on-one SEO tutoring geared towards optimizing your site so internet searchers can find it. A few modest changes to your site or blog can greatly increase its SEO-friendliness without changing the overall look and feel.

This is a flexible 2-3 hour class customized to your needs and questions.

1. Assess your site traffic and search engine ranking.
2. Set up Google Analytics to monitor traffic and progress.
3. Optimize your URLs; learn how to redirect from old to new URLs in case of changes.
4. Keyword research and planning.
5. Install plugins that can automate some SEO tasks and learn the basics of using them.
6. Loading speed is now an important factor in the Google ranking algorithm. Assess your site speed and learn how to make quick speed improvements.
7. On site SEO. Learn the basics and how to apply them. This the crux of organic SEO and it can have long-lasting positive effects on your site’s search rankings.

With these techniques and a few minutes of planning and preparation per page, you can do great SEO on your own site, and it will be great because you know your own material better than anyone.

One-on-one classes are available. The class can be held anywhere with wifi or an internet connection.

Consulting Fee