BBDS Ready-to-Go Website Hosting + Free eCommerce Installed

Once you’ve purchased the hosting package, we will set up the chosen template and install the necessary plugins for you. Your website will then be ready for you to personalize and create your own unique design. Please note that you will need to have your own domain name in order to proceed.

We design pre-built websites tailored for individuals seeking a cost-effective and speedy launch. Our collection of stunning template websites spans across a wide array of industries, ensuring you’ll discover a design that resonates with your specific field. We’re continuously expanding our offerings with fresh website options, accommodating an even broader range of industries and preferences.

Ready-to-Go Website Hosting
$29.99per month


  1. Prebuilt themes customized for a wide variety of business types
  2. Quick and inexpensive websites that you customize with text and photos
  3. No need to hire expensive web designers
  4. Comes with the best builder software – no need to learn CSS or HTML
  5. Comes with free premium plugins
  6. Includes fast hosting and free SSL certificate for a low monthly fee

For ready-to-go websites, pre-installed demo content is easy to edit. It is so easy to change the content and add some images that you can launch your beautiful website in one day. Best of all, you did it yourself, you didn’t need to pay designers or developers. An explanatory video detailing how to customize your site is in the works. If you need help, we are always available for web design consultations.

View all demo sites on page

We have 40+ designs currently and are adding more. You can choose any demo layout you like and adapt it to your needs. The topic of the demo site is easily changed (“barber shop”) – you are choosing a color scheme and page layout that suits your vision and design model.

Free SSL Certificate installed and Free Renew

Our ready-to-go website has the best WordPress website and WooCommerce site builder.

All websites include:

  • Live builder
  • 300+ pre-made web page templates
  • The most powerful header builder on the market
  • Optimized for speed and SEO
  • One-click demo installer
  • The most powerful grid builder on the market
  • 8 premium addons included worth $428+

BBDS hosting is The Solution for Cheaper Faster Website Hosting. Being a web design company for more than 10 years, we have dealt with hosting companies day-in and day-out. Good web hosting is the key to a speedy website. There were once many good hosting providers, but it has become so hard to find good hosting that we started offering our own. Cheaper, Fast, Secure, Reliable web hosting is essential for a website. Our dedicated servers meet all your needs. We provide personal customer service.

Fast, zippy hosting.

We use cutting edge SSD-powered VPS Hosting. A VPS, short for virtual private server, is a virtualized server that appears to be a dedicated stand alone server presented to the user. We don’t need to compromise either price or speed. We can provide fast servers at reasonable cost.

Free SSL Certificate and automatic renew

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the method used to secure and encrypt sensitive information like credit cards, usernames, passwords, and other private data sent over the Internet. This will help users browse the web safely.

Who We Are

How we do it

We use cutting edge SSD-powered VPS Hosting. A VPS, short for virtual private server, is a virtualized server that appears to be a dedicated stand alone server presented to the user. Virtual private servers (VPS) share core hardware between other virtualized servers but present an isolated independent environment for the software and applications installed within it.

Enterprise grade high-performance hardware and SSD’s with nothing but the best drives. Start with a small plan and upgrade as needed with no IP change or data migration to keep it easy and affordable.

Our managed VPS Hosting is fully monitored  24/7/365. Best uptime and 99.996% proven availability.

  • Complementary DDOS Protection
  • Free Backups & Free Migrations
  • Instant Setup

Our Provider’s Hosting Infrastructure

We are proud to offer customers secure server network hosting in one of the largest colocation secure datacenter networks in the US, TierPoint, LLC. Our diverse and powerful network featuring providers such as Level 3, Internap, AboveNet, and TW Telecom provides our customers with optimum speed and reliability. We offer high speed connectivity from multiple carriers and clean IP addresses in a true carrier neutral environment. We’ve built an ultra-high performance cloud infrastructure and placed our managed shared VPS hosting squarely on top of it. We average 99.99+% network uptime, the best in the industry.

Buy a Domain Name

We can buy a domain name for you. Please use the domain checker to make sure your ideal domain name is available. Then submit the available domain name in the form below.  The domain name will cost $20/year, if it costs more, we will contact you and optionally negotiate the price for you if you wish.

A good domain name is the first step of your successful online experience. Follow these tips to get the best out of a domain name.

  • Pick .com extension
  • Use keywords in your domain name
  • Keep your domain name short
  • Make it easy to remember
  • Avoid hyphens in domain name
  • Search your domain name on Google
  • Use domain generators to get ideas
  • Act quickly before someone else takes it