Website recovery and malware cleanup services

“My website was hacked”! It sounds like a disaster, but it happens quite often these days. Don’t be shocked, we are here to help. As a professional web design firm, we have years of experience in securing websites to prevent hacks and to recover hacked websites if disaster strikes.

For a hacked website, we will:

Identify the damage → work on website recovery → prevent future infection → request a review to remove your site from blacklists

In general we clean an infected site of malware in couple of hours, and unblacklist websites in 72 hours. We understand a website is your online reputation, we always act quickly to recover your website ASAP.

Here are some simple tips to secure your site and your peace of mind:

1. Backup your site on a regular basis. If your site gets hacked, the simplest thing will be to restore the last clean backup.

2. Use secure passwords, avoid the username admin if your site is a CMS system.

3. Keep your system updated – CMS, plugins, and theme.

4. Use popular themes, templates, plugins or extensions. Popular software gets tested and vetted by the community. Go with software whose developers support their products & projects.

We are always here to help. Please call 857 919 4488 or send an email to for questions.