Social Media Marketing Made Easy

We designed this social media posting package for busy business owners. We understand you are busy, or even you don’t like doing social media marketing. Don’t worry, we will take care of it for you. In general we will take care of the social media posting and reaching out. The posting content is from the website or your marketing materials. So you can focus your energy on your business.​

This is a twice-weekly posting plan for selected social media platforms. Our method is to cull informative snippets from your web content for social media posting. We will add an attractive image and rich information to build brand awareness and social media presence; use researched keywords and hashtags to target potential audiences. This will increase web traffic and build a healthy business profile. Please read our LinkedIn case study for a real world example.

One social media site, $119/month
More than one social media site, $299/month

The monthly payment is automatically charged to your credit card. Cancellation requires a 30 day notice in advance of the billing date. Cancellation will occur on the next billing date. No refund during the current billing month.​

Market Share Statistics by Social Media Platform:

  1. Facebook 36.64%
  2. Twitter 6.82%
  3. Instagram 2.47%
  4. Pinterest 1.95%
  5. LinkedIn 1.58%

We suggest using Facebook as a catchall type of social platform. No matter what type of business you are in, it is worthwhile having a Facebook business page.

Twitter is known for speedy and wide distribution of news and ideas, and carry a “conversation” type of communication in real time. It is an effective platform if your business needs to keep people up-to-date often.

Instagram and Pinterest are both visual presentation type of platform. It is good to build visual portfolio and build followers.

LinkedIn is the professional identity center; it is the place to build and engage with your professional network. We all need it.

And the last one Google My Business.  If you have a local business, don’t omit Google My Business. To take full advantage of Google, keep your Google My Business page active to bring more local traffic. That is traffic that is easily converted to a sale.