Video Editing to Improve Your Marketing Videos

BBDS Design provides a range of video services, encompassing:

  • Company introduction videos
  • Testimonial videos
  • Product introduction videos
  • Social media videos for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Additionally, we offer high-resolution photography services, covering company pictures, bio photos, and product photos. Please contact us for a quote.

Video Editing to Improve Your Marketing Videos

Video is the most effective way to present information in a short period of time. Video marketing gets more shares, generates more web traffic and has a higher ROI than other marketing. And because viewers are both seeing and hearing content, they tend to retain that information better.

Making videos has become convenient and easy. You can use your cell phone and make a very professional 4k video. If you need help to develop an effective video marketing strategy, BBDS Design can help. You may have content already in the form of recorded Zoom meeting videos that can be edited to make an effective video marketing message.

We have watched lots of videos. You probably have too. Here are the problems we frequently see that produce disengagement and boredom:

  • Too long. Get to the point fast and keep it focused.
  • Too unfocused. One question, one problem, one theme, one keyword. Present a problem or raise a question. Then solve it. The end.
  • Too unscripted. Write an outline at least, or a script, then practice it. Do a take and review it. Then edit it or do another take. Rinse. Repeat.
  • Too many topics or keywords. By designing a keyword SEO strategy from the outset, you will retain focus and avoid rambling off-topic.
  • Too little use of the available SEO tools of your video platform, including keyword rich title, close captioning, transcripts, video description, and relevant tags.

You can examine your existing video library and re-edit them with these points in mind. BBDS Design can also help you with video edits and a video marketing strategy.


Effective Video Marketing Requires a Messaging Strategy

  • Hook the Viewer’s Attention in the First 10 seconds. Naked sales pitches rarely work — they turn people off.
  • Informational content that answers a question and is useful will capture attention. “Here is how you use this product to solve this problem.” “This service is a solution for this problem.”
  • Tell a story. A story has a theme or topic that has a beginning, middle and end. Humans are wired for stories and we retain information better when it is presented this way.

Include a Call to Action in Your Video

  • A CTA at the end is reaching engaged viewers are interested in your message.
  • Invite them to take an action: browse offerings or content, contact you, subscribe to a trial, etc.
  • KISS – keep it short and simple. This is your pitch, so you want to avoid annoying people at this point.

Recorded Zoom meetings can form the nucleus of your video outreach strategy

Zoom meetings can be recorded as a mp4 format video and used as marketing materials if edited judiciously.

When you record the video, the quality is not always great. Don’t worry, we can help you to edit your video. With Adobe Premiere we can edit your video as you prefer, cut, trim, add graphics, videos or music, etc. We can make your video look professional, and include your branding. The final video can be uploaded to Youtube, Vimeo, or hosted on your own website. If you are running a membership website, the fine turned video can be a member bonus.

Let BBDS Design help you to get started today, contact us now.