How to Choose a Good Domain Name 2022 Guide?

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When you want to build a website, you only need three things:

  1. A domain name
  2. A hosting package
  3. Choose a software.

This article we will talk about how to choose a domain name.

A good domain name is the first step to your successful online experience. The domain name is your website name or URL.

Godaddy is a seller of large domain names. Generally speaking, you can get a very cheap domain name in the first year, but the renewal price is about $20/year. So I don’t recommend godaddy, I use, you will find better deals there. In general, the price is $10-$20/year.

How to choose a domain name? Keep these tips in mind:

  1. .com is still the best extension because people are used to typing .com naturally. Therefore, you will not send traffic to competitors.
  2. Use keywords in your domain name to increase search visibility. For example, if you have a bakery, the words “bakery”, “dessert” and “cookies” can be part of the domain name.
  3. The domain name is your brand. A successful branding is the key to a successful business. This is a way to differentiate you from your competitors. Good domain names no longer exist or are very expensive. But you can always include your name and location as part of the domain name. For example, if you are a freelance designer, then you are the entire business. Therefore, you want people to search for your name and find you online. Your name is your brand. Location is another way to add value to your domain name, it is the power of the community. You may not do business in another city, but at least you want your neighbors to search and find you online. Just like
  4. Keep your domain name short so that it is easy to remember. This is human nature, if we can be lazy, we will.
  5. Avoid using hyphens in domain names. According to case studies, experts in the field believe that domain names using hyphens look garbage and are not good to search. Although we don’t have enough data to approve it, if you have a choice, why take the risk.

Before you buy a domain name, search for your ideal domain name on Google to see your competitors. Use the domain generator to get more ideas. Finally, act quickly before others take it.

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